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Letterpress Plates

We supply either Photopolymer or Magnesium Letterpress printing plates which can be wood mounted to type height if needed. For artwork requirements please refer to our Artwork page and/or our tutorial videos

Both steel backed polymer and magnesium products are compatible with the popular Heidelberg, Adana, Craft Dragon and Quickutz letterpress machines.

Polymer plates come in various thicknesses and are either "Plastic" or "Steel Backed".
They can be supplied with self adhesive tape attached if required at no additional cost (please check the glue backed box when ordering).
The most popular thicknesses are 1.75mm and 0.95mm.
These are the UK equivalents for KF-152 & KF-95. They are actually harder and more durable. They are to be used in conjunction with the two available Boxcar bases. They are identified as either Deep relief or Standard relief. (0.95mm = Standard / 1.75mm = Deep)

In order to achieve the embossed / de-bossed finish that modern fashion demands for such things as wedding invitations, our Steel backed Polymer is hard enough to be used as an alternative to Magnesium. This product is 1.75mm thick including the steel backing. It is 90 degree shore hardness. Please note that we DO NOT recommend this product for large areas of solid or reversed out artwork. In these situations we recommend the Plastic Backed Polymer.

Our Plastic Backed Polymer plates are 65 degree shore hardness. They come in either 1.75mm or 0.95mm. These are also suitable for leaving a tactile finish.
ALL of our polymer plates are capable of holding very fine detail required for high quality letter press printing.

Magnesium is the hardest of all our letterpress products.
The two available thicknesses are 1.63mm(16g) and 4mm(8g). (see Gauge)

For pricing information (of either Photopolymer or Magnesium Letterpress plates), please see the main price list.