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We supply 3 different thicknesses of magnesium.

16 Gauge (1.6mm)
This is our least expensive gauge and also the thinnest. We can etch a maximum of 1.1mm out of this product so its applications are more limited. It is also very easy to bend upon removal from the printing press so caution is advised. However, the results that can be achieved are very good quality and cost effective.
16 Gauge CAN be wood mounted to type high for letterpress printing.

8 Gauge (4mm)
This is probably our most popular magnesium product. We usually etch 2mm which still leaves a solid base for added durability when removing from the printing press. We can etch more away if necessary but please mention this when ordering.
8 Gauge CAN be wood mounted to type high for letterpress printing and can also be used to print onto soft substrates such as leather due to the extra relief achievable.

3 Gauge (6.35mm)
This is the thickest gauge of magnesium we supply. It has the same advantages as the 8 gauge and has the broadest range of application due to its thickness.
Some "platen" type presses are designed to ONLY use this product. Please check whether your press falls under this category.
3 Gauge CANNOT be wood mounted to type high.