Centurion Graphics Hot Foil Federation of small busnisses
We accept Artwork in many forms, both Digital & Camera Ready.


Please send us files as they are to be printed, NOT reversed or inverted. We will perform this process at our end.

Digital Artwork /Photoshop Files
We accept Digital files from virtually any Graphics Program. We prefer to use PDF files with ALL FONTS CONVERTED TO OUTLINES as our main workflow. The only exception would be PHOTOSHOP files which we would always request the PSD file. Any text elements need to be converted to objects before being sent to us. To do this, go to "Layers" and select "Type" then "Convert to shape" and save as a PSD file. PLEASE ENSURE YOU MAKE A COPY FIRST AS YOU WILL LOSE TYPE EDITABILITY ONCE THIS ACTION HAS BEEN PERFORMED
We understand that these requirements can't always be met and if this is the case, please contact us and send what you have. We are always available to discuss the best way for you to transfer your Artwork to us.

Please consider a hairline or .25pt to be the minimum thickness achievable.


Please ensure that files are in Black & White. Black needs to be CMYK with K@100% and 0% for ALL OTHER VALUES. White needs to be 0% for ALL VALUES.

Camera Ready
This needs to be of a high quality, preferably Laser Output at a minimum of 600dpi & Black on White. Output in any other color may not give good results, and although we can sometimes improve such copy, an Artwork charge would be incurred.

Bitmaps For Hot Foil
These need to be a minimum of 600dpi. We would prefer to use 1200dpi wherever possible for the best results. They also need to be MONOCHROME / Black & White.

Bitmaps For Letterpress
If photographs are incorporated in your artwork, they need to be sent as GRAYSCALE / CMYK / RGB to the highest resolution you can achieve.

If for any reason you need Artwork producing, we are well equiped to meet your requirements. Our only stipulation is that we are provided with instructions that are as accurate as possible.
We will supply an email proof for your approval as part of the ordering process.